If you think you cannot write, you could hire someone to write your blog.  However, in my opinion, the reason to hire someone should be about lack of time, not ability.

Rather than reading about how to write – I like to read writers I respect to get a feel for how they do it. My favorites are Stephen King (he wrote a book called On Writing which is autobiographical and also about his process- amazing book). Malcolm Gladwell, and Seth Godin are also excellent examples of engaging writing- and Seth Godin, in particular is a master of short posts that will change your mind about how many words a blog post must have. As you read, think about what appeals to you, and then try to emulate that in your own writing (knowing is half the battle, right!)

My suggestion for process is this (and its mostly what I do)

  1. Choose a topic and come up with a title.
  2. If needed, research your topic and make a few notes. You can also review phrasing from writings on similar topics to see how people tend to express themselves in this area.
  3. Create a set of bullets (no filtering) for everything you think is relevant about the topic. If you have too many (more than 8-10) you may have enough content for more than one post.

[Note that up to this point, you really haven’t done any writing.]

  1. Using 4-5 of your bullets, talk to your cat, the mirror, anywhere you can just talk out loud to expand the bullets (it must be out loud for this part to work). This will help you develop your ideas and think about what you want to say. I use the car a lot when I am driving alone. I probably look odd to passing motorists, but a good piece of writing is worth it!  Note that you do not need to record anything.  This is merely a “dress rehearsal”!
  2. Do the talking process again, but this time at your computer with your hands on the keyboard – you will already have considered what you want to say – just repeat the conversation. Aloud is best if you have that option.  This will be much more conversational which appears authentic and often more knowledgeable as well.
  3. Lastly, walk away  for 5 – 30 minutes. This is a great time to do laundry or empty the dishwasher if you work from home.  Any activity is fine as long as you are not actively thinking about the blog.
  4. Lastly, come back and refine what you said – make sure that the ideas have a logical flow. Sometimes I have two different thoughts in my head that do not work well together on the page.  This edit step cleans them up.

What about using generative AI to write my blog posts such as ChatGPT?  In my opinion, AI generated content is helpful for research or as a starting point, but not for the finished product.  Users resonate with authenticity and your writing will lose your “voice” when it is not written by you.