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What’s your secret sauce?

At Fembot Creative, we know that an authentic digital presence is most effective at attracting potential customers and getting results.

We get to know who you really are and what makes you stand out from your competition. We are experts in making your company look like a major player in your market.

Meet Samantha and Lisa

Co-founders of Fembot Creative.

We believe that your online persona should be more than just a pretty face. A true brand is measured in aesthetics, clarity, engagement and ultimately, results. At Fembot Creative, we provide small and medium sized businesses with a compelling online presence to convert leads into customers.

Tools of the Trade


We have been practicing in our fields for our entire careers.
When you work with Fembot Creative, you are not handed off to a semi-knowledgeable service rep.  You will interface directly with the high-level experts who will be working on your project.


Our superpower is the ability to see the world from your users’ perspective.
We work with you to determine who is your ideal client and what is important to them.  This helps us craft a tailor made user experience to compel your prospect to respond to your Call to Action.


From pricing to ownership, we work hard to create a package that is fair and reasonable.
We consider the ROI for your project to ensure that we propose a project that makes sense for you, your budget and your business potential.


We can handle everything from soup to nuts.
We encourage you to get involved with your project as much you want and as your time permits. Once you engage Fembot Creative, you can relax knowing that we will examine all aspects of your project, and we won’t rest until it is done right.

Success Stories

Fuller Chiropractic is one of several health care related sites we have completed.  This site was unique because the doctor is an author and books and videos as well as a large body of work in the form of articles that needed to be categorized and organized to be easily accessed by the user.


This financial services firm wanted an online presence that reflected their unique approach to financial planning.  Their tagline, “Bespoke wealth solutions” needed to resonate throughout the site while also offering that anyone can begin the process of maintaining and building wealth.  Another challenge of this site was organizing the vast amount of material that needed to be presented.

The Patio is a trendy seafood restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine.  In addition to fresh food and an enticing selection of cocktails, The Patio has a view of the ocean and is far less formal than many restaurants in that area.  This makes it perfect for families or a casual evening out with friends.

The objectives for the website were to convey all of these special qualities including showing the high tide schedule on the home page.  Since the restaurant was launched at the beginning of Covid, we also found a way to include all menu and drink items is a manner that was easily accessible on the website for patrons to enjoy both eat-in or take out service.

Enter if you dare! This fun, entertainment site needed to reflect the intellectual challenge of an Escape Room along with a goth/punk sensibility to fit in with the ambiance of the Salem, Massachusetts attractions. The site was built using a modular approach to allow easy modification as new features and elements of the venue were added.

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