As with many things in life, there’s the hard way and then there’s the smart way. This post will shed light on a straightforward process to create months of blog post topics for your website in just a few hours.

Let’s assume that you are creating a blog to augment the content in your website.  That would imply that you are writing about a product or service or both, that your company provides. I want you to ask yourself these questions using the four W’s: who, what, when, and why.

WHO needs the product or who is it for?
WHAT is the product or service about?
WHEN would a customer need it?
WHY would someone want it (i.e., what problem does it solve)

Start by coming up with 3 answers to each question.  Each of these answers is the seed for several blog post topics.

Next, go to the site: – this gem of a website shows you actual search queries from real people!  This is important because the closer your blog topics align with actual searches, the better chance that your site will be indexed by the search engines which can result in greater traffic to your site. There is a paid version of the site, but you can get everything you need for free.

Now, take your answers to the 4 W’s one at a time and generate search ideas from answer the public.  For example, if your site is for a DJ then a WHAT could be music for a wedding.  I typed in “wedding music” and got over 150 search ideas!    Remember that you can talk about something related to one of your W’s to establish credibility and to provide value for your readers.  For example, The most requested first dance song would be a great topic that is not specifically about the DJ business.

Write down every idea without filtering – that comes later!  See my post on how to create a blog editorial calendar for strategies for narrowing your list of blog topics.

The 4 W’s are also a guide to varying your topics to keep it interesting for the user.  Make sure to balance ideas in each area – i.e., you do not want 30 WHAT topics and only 1 WHY!