The simple answer is “yes”.  Every site could use a blog. Your site content primarily needs to be factual. Whereas a blog post can be editorial. In other words, you can be a little more casual, you can brag a bit, and you can provide more emotive content. And as we know, people will make decisions based not only on facts but also on emotional motivation.

But a more realistic answer to whether your site should have a blog is: “it depends”.  As with any endeavor we undertake for our business, we need to consider ROI (return on investment).  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have the time? If you don’t then you will need to pay someone to write and manage the blog. Do you think you will get back the revenue to offset what you would need to pay for the blog?
  • Is there compelling content that could engage my users (in addition to the content on my website)?  Sometimes saying the same thing in a different format  is very effective in increasing user engagement.
  • Are there topics I could write about that a align with what users are searching for? If the answer to this question is yes, then a blog may be a great way to generate more traffic for the website.

The following are NOT good reasons to avoid writing a blog:

I hope I have inspired you to at least consider adding a blog to your site.  And if you need help, we are happy to provide assistance in any area where you need a little extra support.